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About Us:    

     Hi! We're the Huggins family. We have three married children, 5 grandchildren, 1 grand dog (Sam, a Newfoundland that weighs more than all five grandkids combined!) and a grand cat, Twix.

We are followers of Jesus Christ and thank Him for the blessing of customers like yourself. If you or a loved one re in need of prayer, please let us know. What a mighty God we serve!.

We realize you can shop anywhere, and we'd like you to know that we value you as a customer. Your patronage makes a real difference to our family business!    

     Established in 2002, Dave & Peggy Huggins, Head Dogs, are committed to excellence in customer service, a holistic approach to pet food and care, and making your life a little bit easier.

     4Paws Pet Foods are reasonably priced and delivered fresh to your door. All our blends include a natural holistic approach - keeping the whole dog and cat in mind - using human grade meats and grains and herbal and vitamin supplements to provide a complete and balanced healthy food for your family pet.

   Free Home Delivery
  When it comes to your pets, nothing tickles your fancy more than to watch the expression on their face after finishing a favorite meal. That is, until you discover you are close to, or out of food. Oh, the joy of another trip to pick up more pet food!  
  That is precisely why we formed 4 Paws… to keep your fancy tickled, your back from strain, your pet happy and your pet bin full of quality, nutritious food.  
  At 4 Paws, we do not charge for delivery. It is completely free. And you will love our prices. This is why our list of customers continues to grow. You will receive premiere dog and cat foods that are naturally nutritious and extraordinarily palatable! Plus, you will never have to make another trip to the store to lug another heavy bag of pet food home.  
  Don't take our word for it. Discover for yourself a whole new way of feeding your pets that promotes their health, economically and conveniently. Guaranteed, or your money back!  
Free Home Delivery   We bring our quality foods directly to your home.
Convenience   Through our bin system and efficient reordering process, all you do is call when low, place the bin out and we replenish your food.
Competitive Prices   Even though our foods are Natural, premium quality, our price-per-pound is lower than most comparable brands. And, as compared to brands containing by-products and less quality ingredients, we are very competitive on a cost-per-feeding basis.
Quality Food   4 Paws pet foods are one of the finest products available in the United States. Our customers see improvements in their pets' coat and overall vitality. Naturally, our ingredients are of the finest and freshest quality.
Satisfaction Guaranteed   If you are not completely satisfied with our foods, we will refund your money.