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Dry Dog Foods...

all prices include tax - home delivery is free!

  12 lb   25 lb 40 lb   80 lb
Wholesome Chicken and Rice $22   $38  


Wholesome Lamb & Rice $23   $40   $55   $100
D.Lite Lamb $23   $40   $55   $100
Maintentance Formula $20   $34   $48   $88
Holistic Dry Dog Food Blends . . .   12 lb   25 lb   40 lb   80 lb
Select Lamb & Rice Formula   $23   $40   $60   $116
Canned Dog Food...

Natural Balance Canned

Dog Food in the13 oz can


Price including tax:



All Natural Balance Pet Foods have been developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists


Natural BalanceĀ® Ultra-Premium Canned Dog Food is a complete and balanced premium dog food. All of our Canned Dog Food is wheat free! Each formula contains a superior mixture of animal and grain products. We use quality meats as well as carrots, potatoes and brown rice. This unique blend assures a high digestibility and contains all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for your dog.


Dog Treats, Etc...


Golden All Natural Cookie Bones

Great Tasting, All Natural Chicken Biscuits: Itty-Bitty, Medium, Large and Gourmet Peanut     $2.50/pound

All-Natural Lowfat Pig Ears          $2.25 each

Greenies    Dental Chew Bones that freshen doggy-breath and reduce plaque and tartar

Petite for dogs under 20 lbs       20 pack $18

Regular for dogs 21-60 lbs         12 pack $18

Large for dogs 51-100 lbs            8 pack $18

Big Bones   Naturally Roasted Bones   Knuckle $6.00

7" Bully Stick   Fully digestible chew stick    $3.50 ea.

Zuke's Hip Action    Peanut Butter   16 ounces $18.00


Dry Cat Foods...
    12 lb   25 lb

Feline Active Cat & Kitten 32/20 Formula for All Life-stages




Feline Maintenance 30/12 Formula for Adult and Overweight Cats

  $30   $52

Premium Choice Scoopable Cat Litter

Superior absorption and binding capability allows for complete removal of liqud and solid waste. This is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY litter that comes in a refillable 16 lb tub. It is 99% dust free, and works great with Litter Maid litter machines!

$9.00 / tub  $20 / bag


  Dog Food Formulas

Cat Food Formulas